Middle School

Unique needs

At CVA we recognize that student-athletes in middle school have unique needs. During the years between elementary school and high school, young adolescents undergo profound changes in intellectual, physical and emotional development. These changes require a program and learning opportunities that are responsive to the developmental needs of 12-14 year olds.

Under the guidance of the Academic Leadership Team, CVA offers 7th and 8th graders the opportunity to meet high academic expectations with individual support for learning styles and focus with age appropriate activities and approaches.
    • student doing a dissection


Each student has a teacher as an advisor who serves as a mentor. In addition to frequent informal meetings, students and their advisors meet weekly to deliver the responsible living curriculum and discuss issues. The advisor is always available to talk with parents if they have questions or concerns as they are aware of the student's academic, athletic, and community standing.

Seventh and Eighth graders are taught CVA’s curriculum in the primary subjects of Math, Humanities (combined History and English), Science, World Language and Art. Upward mobility is available for advanced students.